Facebook knows too much

I'm infuriated to see an ad for some thyroid clinic in my Facebook feed. I don't remember writing about my hypothyroidism there, but maybe I did it years ago before really becoming aware of how little privacy there is, friends-locked or not. Or maybe one of my relatives/friends mentioned it there? Anyway, argh.

first world problem: TV

We downgraded from most-channels-except-premium service to super-basic cable months ago, but although they trimmed our bill immediately, it took until yesterday for their operational bureaucracy to get around to cutting our feed down. Now we're left with broadcast networks, shopping channels, public access, Turner Classic Movies, TVLand, SyFy, and Fox News. I've been watching too much TV anyway, so this will be good for me, but I may have to stay late at the office Sunday just to catch the finale of Breaking Bad!

Military follies

How two camo patterns turned into 10, with lots of money spent on mostly duplicated efforts, some of which were just bad ideas:

The Navy spent more than $435,000 on three new designs. One was a blue-and-gray pattern, to be worn aboard ships. Pattern No. 8.
Sailors worried that it would hide them at the one time they would want to be found.
“You fall in the damn water and you’re wearing water-colored camouflage. What the hell is that?” said one active-duty petty officer.

The Pentagon’s long and expensive search for new camouflage uniforms had previously defied logic. Now it would defy camouflage itself.
It ended with U.S. service members wearing green in the desert.

Ergonomics and vampires

I spent part of Sunday night at the office (while I was waiting for stuff to get implemented so I could do more work) reading aloud some items from the new Ergonomics policy handout. Much hilarity ensued in my small group as we speculated on the improbability of certain recommendations actually being implemented. Regular stretching breaks? Will my boss lead us out into the parking lot so he can smoke another cigarette while we do calisthenics?

But one useful thing emerged from the reading: Next time my co-worker John arrives and insists on turning on all the overhead lights, instead of merely doing my usual vampire cringe, I can tell him that the ergonomics policy specifically recommends keeping some lights turned off to "reduce glare from VDTs."

Apples not ALWAYS fun

I met a lot of nice people during my temp job this week. During some of the down times, we played card games. FWIW, Apples to Apples, usually one of my favorites, is NOT a good game when the group includes a college girl who doesn't recognize the names of Vincent Van Gogh, Captain Kirk, or Quentin Tarantino, and several other players who favor choosing the "most random" red card as the winner, not the one that most closely matches, or even the one that best opposes, the green card. They liked Uno okay, so I tried teaching them Fluxx, but it went on too long without a victory, so we quit it. On the other hand, I did enjoy some really mindless card games, during which I could just relax into the silliness.

premature anti-fascist

Following links from a Seavey/MGK post about Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, I ran across this autobiographical essay by a scholar and Spanish Civil War volunteer, "Premature Anti-Fascist." Very interesting.

freelance advice?

I'm considering registering myself as a freelance editor with www.oDesk.com or www.Elance.com or www.vWorker.com or www.FlexJobs.com while I look for longer-term employment. Does anyone have recommendations or criticism about any of those, or suggestions for similar services?